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Camcorder Battery Usage Tips Caring For Your Laptop Power Supply

Notebook battery maintenance ---Posted: 2010-10-26       
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Buy a new notebook battery from the first use, to daily maintenance, maintenance, preservation, need to pay attention or something?

First, the new battery to be first-time attention.

Just getting started with the battery, battery indicator sometimes not allowed to scale the table, or charging long bright lights, because the new battery could power your laptop's own testing procedures are not synchronized.

Of course, the use of a period of time will automatically adjust, but we can make some initial settings to achieve as soon as possible. Alarm is turned off the power, let the battery discharge optoelectronics, and then washed. Cycle twice to the specific steps are:

Start>> Settings>> Control Panel>> Power Options>> Alarm

  1. when the power down to the following level, the issue of battery alarm (L)
  2. when the power down to the following levels, a serious shortage of warnings issued by the battery (C)

Two choices in front of the above items of "checkmark" hook option removed. Let notebook has been discharged to a black screen. Then put two red cycle, in order to fully activate the lithium-ion batteries, and battery testing process to achieve synchronization.

It is worth noting that such methods do not use new batteries when they each such operation, only in the capacity testing procedures used under the premise is not synchronized.

Second, the daily use problems that need attention.

A: how to charge and use

  1. Please select a model or manufacturer specified the same type of power charger, power supply to avoid the use of no-confidence in order to avoid unstable power supply burnt notebook. Avoid the use of other packaging the power adapter package, resulting in cooling difficulties and maintain the good battery and power adapter ventilation.
  2. In the cut off of state power and the battery into the computer, plug in the power supply, that is to start charging. (Note Do not connect the power adapter in the case of loading the battery, as this may lead to direct burn accidents happen laptop battery)
  3. Charging time of about 4 to 8 hours in between, depending on battery capacity and the plant design are different, fully charged, the charging indicator light goes out or turn green, it is best to disconnect the power supply.
  4. Best not to intermittent charging, that is not the power supply plug back and forth in a short time.
  5. The best conditions in the off charge.
  6. Do not mix transformer or power supply voltage for each electronic product or charging voltage may be different, the use of error may damage the battery, the machine will be a serious burn.
  7. If you can complete in 30 minutes after charging the battery may then use the battery better.
  8. Current computer batteries and more lithium-ion battery-based, its biggest advantage is that there is no memory effect, so users do not have to worry about this problem, if the power can not run out of charge, but users are recommended to the system once the battery power warning insufficient, then the implementation of charging, the reliability of the battery help.
  9. If the prolonged use of the power supply as power supply, it is recommended to remove the battery, a separate operation with a power supply is required to use the computer and then go into the battery.
  10. Do not use battery power as the other.
  11. Do not attempt to open or service batteries (other than the professionals), because the battery control circuit within the precision of violence likely to cause damage to precision circuits, laptop batteries containing lithium-ion, if used or handled properly, could explode.
    Available on the market today there are some core services for the maintenance of the battery, the replacement of unstable after the performance.
  12. Use the battery with the key and other metals put together scattered to prevent accidental short-circuit the battery.
  13. Not a bed, sofa, carpet and other soft surfaces when used in laptops have been careful not to hinder the good heat dissipation. Towels and bed will be like static electricity, and indirect damage to the notebook internal components.
  14. Installation notebook comes with power management software to better play the role of the battery and protect the battery.

B:How to save

  1. If the battery power for long periods, please note that maintenance. Attention to environmental temperature and humidity, do not put hot and humid places, such as: direct sunlight or fire next to the car, should be kept dry and ventilated.
  2. Battery removal should pay attention to dust waterproof shockproof, regular position with a small brush for cleaning Department. Sometimes if the battery positions exposed to relatively easy access to a lot of dust and cause the battery to use is bad, it is recommended to use a suitable container such as carton store batteries.
  3. If the term does not use batteries, rechargeable battery should be about 60 ~ 80% of the saved, and periodically remove the use to maintain the chemical activity of lithium ions, preferably about a month will do a battery charge and discharge, and then charge preservation.
  4. Batteries within the battery of sophisticated electronic components and core components, to avoid falling on the ground and heavy percussion battery.
  5. To avoid a collision and at a high temperature battery and keep the battery clean and dry.

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