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Camcorder Battery Usage Tips Choose the Right External Laptop Battery For Your Notebook

Choose the Right External Laptop Battery For Your Notebook ---Posted: 9-6-2011      
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Choose the Right External Laptop Battery For Your Notebook

Laptops have now replaced desktop computers to a great extent. People prefer notebooks or laptops for its portable, compact and mobility factor. You have the convenience of carrying them wherever you go so that you can continue with your work on the road.

But the only drawback of laptops is its battery life. Most standard laptops have a battery life of 2 to 2.5 hours and after that they need to be recharged with the help of a power supply which can be done only at home or office or wherever an electric supply is available.

But the point of traveling with your laptop is to give you maximum usage but the battery does not permit you to work for more than a couple of hours. The manufacturers are thinking of developing laptops using fuel cells that would last for several days or even weeks with a single charge. But this concept will materialize somewhere in the future. And these devices are not going to be cheap for sure.

Until then, laptop manufacturers have come up with a great alternative to extend your laptop's battery life for several hours. It is called an external laptop battery. These batteries can either be lithium-ion or NiMH, but the more popular ones are the Li-on batteries.


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9.Dell X411C Battery 10.Dell Y596M Battery
11.Dell J1KND Battery 12.Dell 4T7JN Battery
13.Dell Y6142 Battery 14.Dell Y5180 Battery
15.LG LGIP-401N Battery 16.LG BL-44JN Battery
17.LENOVO 57Y6448 Battery 18.TOSHIBA PA3929U-1BRS Battery
19.MOTOROLA SNN5877A Battery 20.Dell MT3HJ Battery

An external laptop battery can give varied results depending on its make and capacity. Most external batteries are quite affordable. You can purchase them for $120-$150 which can give you up to 2-3 hours of extra battery life.

The more expensive ones have the capacity to give battery life of 7 to 10 hours and cost anywhere from $300-$500. Now you need to choose a battery according to your requirements. If you frequently travel long distances and constantly need your laptop for business purposes, you would have to invest more and buy an external battery that gives you longer battery life. But if you do not use your laptop that often while on the road then a battery with a couple of hours of lifespan should suffice your requirements.

Although most external laptop batteries are compatible with all laptop models, there are few notebooks that need a specific type of external battery. So look out for the battery that is compatible with your laptop. Many laptops need specific voltage for charging, so adjust the voltage of the external battery to the laptop's voltage as most of the batteries come with multiple voltage settings to cater to diverse laptop models.

The external laptop battery is a sleek and a lightweight device. They do not weigh more than 3.5 pounds. This makes it a very friendly device to carry along with your laptop. They easily fit into any laptop bag, briefcase or purse. Like any battery, external batteries too need proper usage so that it can give you maximum benefits for many years.


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